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FAB Paris, the art fair we’ve been waiting for

At last! That’s the sigh of relief many dealers are letting out. Now that the divisions between the Syndicat national des antiquaires (organizer of the Biennale) and Fine Arts Paris have been definitively overcome, Paris can look forward to the return of a strong generalist fair. Several indicators point to this dynamique. First of all, the name has been streamlined to focus on an acronym: FAB Paris, for Fine Arts la Biennale, instead of Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale. Secondly, the venue, the Grand Palais Éphémère – before the historic Grand Palais in 2024 – is clearly more appealing than the difficult Carrousel du Louvre [….].

Contemporary art also continues to make inroads, with the remarkable return of RX (with Pascal Convert and the troubling sculptures of Tamara Kostianovsky) and Christophe Gail- lard (Georges Noël), A&R Fleury (Bernar Venet).

by Stéphanie Pioda

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