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The archives of creation

With Anna-Eva-Bergman as with Hans Hartung, the fact of archiving and archiving everything (sketches, letters, photographs, press…) was at the heart of their life and their work. It is one of the common dominators of the two artists, who are otherwise so autonomous in their aesthetic approach. The Hartung Bergman Foundation which emanates from their will is the embodiment of this obsession. Rich in an exceptional collection of canvases, drawings, notebooks, innumerable documents, the Foundation makes it possible to trace almost from day to day the intertwining of the creative process and the daily existence of this couple of painters among the most outstanding. and originals of the modern period. From May 11 to September 30, 2022, the exhibition “Les archives de la création” is a dive into the secrets of their production, whether free gesture, mathematical meticulousness, sometimes even the memory of an ancient craft. From a simple tool to the entire structure of the workshop, passing through contemporary or classical sources of inspiration, the “factory” of their respective and common universes is revealed here for the first time in the sumptuous setting of their villa in Antibes. .

Curator: Juliette Persilier


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