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Jorge Eduardo Eielson. The Vertical Knot

The exhibition “The Vertical Knot”, devoted to the artist Jorge Eduardo Eielson (Lima, 1924 – Milan, 2006), offers the chance to examine his artistic output from the end of the fifties to the last works he created. Eielson is one of the most radical visual artists and poets, in the fullest sense of the word, as well as multifaceted, with different ways of questioning the world we live in through a synthesis of graphic pieces and cultural references.

This exhibition project, retrospective in nature and unprecedented in Europe, explores the artist’s relationship with the literary field, especially poetry, and that of visual arts. A fruitful dialogue featuring his thoughts on language. Language taken as a structure in which the symbol points equally to a beginning and an end, language that responds to graphic and visual codes that speak both to reason and to intuition.

Jorge Eduardo Eielson’s work is a corpus of worlds that converge and dialogue: the pre-Columbian past and the blue of a certain Mediterranean mythology, writing and plastic art, the concreteness of the sign and the infinity of space. 

Curator : Imma Prieto

Coproduction with Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art of Palma

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