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Rémy Pollet | Résonances

May 20th - June 20th, 2020

On the occasion of the gallery’s reopening on Wednesday, May 20th, we are pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by Rémy Pollet.

“Résonances” is a unique exhibition presented jointly on avenue Matignon and in the exhibition halls of Sotheby’s Paris, which is also presenting a set of works by Rémy Pollet during the “Style” sale which will take place from May 28th to June 4th, 2020.

We are pleased with this collaboration that brings together the contemporary art of Rémy Polle, an artist promoted by the gallery, and the rigorous selection of Sotheby’s that explores the decorative arts from the Renaissance to the twentieth century during this exceptional sale.

We present the latest creations of this artist who plays with the contrasts between black and white, imposing a certain rhythm on the substrate, resulting from the ambivalence between emptiness and fullness. Ink on paper, the medium at the heart of the artist’s creations, is no longer treated as in the ancestral techniques of traditional calligraphy, but in a totally abstract way. We present the latest creations of this artist anchored in a monochromatic universe dominated by shades of grey. This exploration of matter has guided him since the 1990s, with the many possibilities offered by “asphalt” oil and India ink.

This free expression is a reflection of a personal quest for balance between matteness and brilliance, opacity and transparency, darkness and the multiple depths of light.

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