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FAB Paris

November 22nd - 26th 2023

Galerie A&R Fleury is delighted to take part in this new edition of Fine Arts La Biennale, the fruit of the merger between Fine Arts Paris and the historic Biennale des Antiquaires. Supported by the LVMH group, FAB Paris is the new cultural event where we are delighted to present a selection of works by artists supported by the gallery.


Stand B05

Access :

Grand Palais Éphémère
Place Joffre
75007 Paris

Opening hours :

Wednesday November 22nd :11am – 8pm
Thursday November 23rd : 11am – 10pm
Friday November 24th : 1am – 8pm
Saturday November 25th : 1am – 8pm
Sunday November 26th : 1am – 6pm

Opening preview by invitation only and for VIP badge holders:
Tuesday November 21st from 2pm to 10pm

A focus on the research of artist Bernar Venet will be highlighted on the stand. With his radical, innovative approach since the 60s, this genius of the visual arts boldly exploits the unexpected – An opportunity to discover one of today’s greatest artists.

Since 1979, the lignes indéterminées, sinuous and dynamic, free of all geometric constraints, “are part of more recent mathematics, such as chaos theory, catastrophe theory and the science of complexity,” explains Bernar Venet. This theory also includes more complex series, such as Accidents and Random Combinations of indeterminate lines. These series open up the field of variation, freeing us from mathematical determination.

The indeterminate lines, spirals both elegant and brutal, are never static; they use space to exist, imposing a powerful physical presence on the viewer’s gaze.

Lucio Fontana

Sam Francis

Hans Hartung

Alicia Penalba

Serge Poliakoff

Jean-Paul Riopelle

Gérard Schneider

Pierre Soulages

Victor Vasarely

Bernar Venet

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

“Art is born of constraints, lives off of struggles and dies of freedom.”

André Gide




Echoing the exhibition devoted to Picasso, Miró and Calder, on view at the gallery until November 25th, Alexandre & Richard Fleury present three exceptional works in a space dedicated to these masters of modern art.

Fascinated by fantasy, the bestial, dreams, childhood, the circus, the heavens, femininity, the sun… Picasso, Miró and Calder were destined to meet. Their works approach common subjects, developing above all a visual dialogue. They radically renewed the way we perceive art, exploring both figuration and abstraction. When their works are compared, the same impressions emerge, whether in painting or sculpture: an innate ability to master time, space and emptiness. Their creativity and versatility lead them to use intertwined, unbroken lines to create forms and creatures in a playful, childlike way.


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