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Bernar Venet | Signes élémentaires

May 2021 - out of stock

Catalogue published for the exhibition “Bernar Venet | Signes élémentaires” (May 19th – July 20th, 2021).

We are very pleased to present this exhibition revealing the main paths explored by Bernar Venet since the mid-1970s. The desire to produce a solo show of this essential artist’s work was born as a result of several observations: very present in the urban landscape in France and in several dozens of cities in the world; exhibited in a large number of museums and international foundations; active in galleries in New York, London and Hong Kong, we noted an absence of institutional and gallery projects in the capital.

On the other hand, the growing interest of collectors largely contributed to the development of this idea. This is how this exhibition, “Bernar Venet | Signes élémentaires,” focused on the theme of geometric and random lines, was born. It has been exciting work to research and assemble a sufficient number of works, mainly from private collections, allowing us both to complete our project and to propose a fairly comprehensive overview of the artist’s research into lines.

The choice to exhibit mainly older works on this theme, which has become emblematic of his work, has proved to be a major challenge, one that we took great pleasure in achieving.

We are pleased to share with you the diversity of the paths taken by the artist and to offer the daring spectator a proposal that is open to possibilities and the unexpected.

Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue



Bilingual French/English catalogue
Editor: Les éditions Kimara
Text and graphic design: A&R Fleury
97 pages, 22 x 28 cm
Isbn 978-2-9578623-0-6
Publication date: May 2021

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