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Geneviève Claisse | 50 ans de peinture

March 2016

Catalogue published for the exhibition “Geneviève Claisse, 50 ans de peinture” (March 31st – May 7th, 2016).

Preface by Patrick-Gilles Persin, art critic, writer and expert on modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures.

Geneviève Claisse’s research into forms and colours, developed in her works, gives the viewer admiring the artist’s different pictorial periods a sense of depth and a unique dynamism that goes beyond the simplicity of the forms used.

Circles, triangles, squares and lines are the hallmarks of Geneviève Claisse’s work. They are superimposed, juxtaposed, mingled with each other through subtle colour schemes, or combined through an intelligent use of the line. Represented in important paintings, sculptures or installations, these forms define the artist’s abstraction.

Between balance and tension, discipline and intuition, the path taken by Geneviève Claisse reveals an instinctive abstraction full of sensitivity.

“With geometric abstraction, language attains freedom. It can be a total creation. By paring down and sublimating, it aims at more sensitivity…”

Geneviève Claisse

Texts and graphic design: A&R Fleury
Flexible cover
94 pages, 21 x 27 cm
Publication date: May 2016


Geneviève Claisse. Écolière, j’étais déjà abstraite

November 10, 2015

Serge Fauchereau

Il est d’usage que durant leur formation les meilleurs artistes passent par une ou plusieurs « périodes » sans grand rapport avec leur oeuvre ultérieure par laquelle on les admire. Les premiers tableaux de grands novateurs comme Piet Mondrian et Kasimir Malévitch sont impressionnistes ou symbolistes, esthétiques déjà datées au moment où ils les peignaient. On ne […]

Geneviève Claisse. Écolière, j’étais déjà abstraite

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