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Hans Hartung | The last paintings

November 2020

This exhibition explores the painter’s last decades, a period of intense creation and pictorial achievement. The 1980s represented a period of total freedom for the artist. The works chosen for this exhibition are perfectly representative of the means of creation used and developed by Hartung during this final phase.

There were two major periods of innovation: the first was between 1980 and 1986, when there was an intense battle between the artist, the material and the medium. Hans Hartung once again proved to be very ingenious, going so far as to pick branches to use as brushes. From 1986 Hans Hartung developed a final process by introducing new spraying methods, such as ziplines or sulphate sprayers, into his already extensive arsenal of tools. This last stage focused on projections, excluding any direct contact with the canvases or panels.

This twentieth century genius, whose work continues to influence the world of contemporary art, never ceased to innovate and find new ways to express his need to create and act on the canvas. His relationship with the celestial world, very present since childhood, took on all its form and splendour during this final phase, the culmination of an incredible journey towards the future, combining emotion, innovation and technology.

Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue



Texts and graphic design: A&R Fleury
Flexible cover
67 pages, 20 x 25 cm
Publication date: November 2020

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