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Geneviève Claisse | A Living Abstraction

October 2022 - available

Consult an excerpt of the catalogue published for the exhibition “Geneviève Claisse | Une abstraction vivante” (27th October au 3rd December 2022).


Texte de Lydia Harambourg, historienne de l’art et correspondant de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts.

Renewing visual language on the basis of fundamental geometric figures: such was the challenge magnificently accomplished by Geneviève Claisse. From the 1960s onwards, her unwavering predilection for colourful geometries went hand in hand with her total refusal of narration, becoming the manifesto of all her subsequent work: a systematic abstraction at the service of line, form and colour, distinct from figuration by its refusal to compromise on the basis of any existing pictorial reference


Exhibition catalogue



Bilingual French/English catalogue
Editor: Les éditions Kimara
Texts and graphic design: A&R Fleury
120 pages, 22 x 28 cm
Publication date: Octobre 2022

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