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On the occasion of its first participation in Frieze Masters, A&R Fleury Gallery is delighted to pleased to dedicate its booth to the artist Geneviève Claisse (1935-2018), pioneer of geometric abstraction and artistic heir of Auguste Herbin. For the 10th anniversary of the prestigious Spotlight section curated by Camille Morineau and AWARE, our selection of 15 emblematic works for the fair focuses on the 1960s and 1970s.

These two decades are a defining period in her artistic career, perfectly illustrating her iconic style and revealing the experiments she developed with flat tints and colors. This abstraction, which Claisse describes as “the only possible way”, was born of research into serial compositions in which the extreme simplicity of forms is transformed by the intensity of the color relationships, which are different each time.


Frieze Masters | Spotlight | Stand S16

Regent’s Park
Gloucester Green
London, NW1 4HG

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How to get there:

Regent’s Park
Gloucester Green
NW1 4HA London

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Private Day by invitation only:
Wednesday 12 October: 11am – 7pm

Thursday 13 October: 11am – 7pm

Opening Days:
Friday 14 – Saturday 15 October: 11am – 7pm
Sunday 16 October: 11am – 6pm

Squares, circles and triangles

Consistently finding the right balance between discipline and intuition, Claisse is one of the few artists to find the path of abstraction from the very beginning and to follow it tirelessly. Her artistic approach has always been pure and consistent and thus recognisable in almost all her work.

Her vocabulary revolves around the squares, circles and triangles that constitute her practice and will be the focus of her research throughout her life as an artist. The geometric rigour is absolute, unchanging, without ever being devoid of sensitivity. The flat colours always remain pure and the ingenious system of juxtapositions of blocks of colour animates the flatness of the painted surface to the point of flirting with a two-dimensional kinetic effect.


Geneviève Claisse

Kira, 1966
Oil on canvas
97 x 130 cm | 38 1/4 x 51 1/8 in.

Geneviève Claisse, R'336


Geneviève Claisse, Cercles


Geneviève Claisse, Alphaville


Geneviève Claisse, ADN



À Frieze un programme engagé pour la création féminine

October 13, 2022

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Pour marquer les 10 ans de Frieze Masters à Londres, la section Spotlight, curatée par AWARE, met en lumière 26 artistes nées entre 1900 et 1951. L’une d’entre elles a été choisie par le Spirit Now London Acquisition Prize, tout juste lancé par la mécène Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre pour soutenir les acquisitions d’artistes femmes. Par […]

À Frieze un programme engagé pour la création féminine

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